Salida, Colorado is a great bike town, there are trails to be had right off the main downtown area. We dropped into a bike shop, picked up some supplies and headed right to the hills from there. Later in the trip we had a friend shuttle us to the far north end and we did the trek all the way back into town.

Location: Southern Colorado

Directions: From the downtown, you can see the trails, just look for the big "S" and head towards it. To get to the stuff up north, we had someone drive us up CR175 until we found a parking lot near the trail head.

Technical Level: Medium. Nothing too difficult to ride.

Length: Trail forks claims over 60 miles, we were able to get a couple good 15+ mile days in without repeating much

Trails: A wide variety of trails, some double track, most single track, well maintained, lots of signage.

Trail Map:  


Shade: Pretty open, but you don't need to deal with the heat like you do in Austin

Extras: none

Fees: None

Post Ride Beer: Salida Brewing Whitewater Cowboy red ale

Links: Official site:

GPS File: GPX Format - this is only one small section, check Trailforks or MTB Project



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