Buffalo Creek is a phenomenal set of trails located along the Colorado front range. To call it epic is probably appropriate, even though the selection of trails ranges from the easy to the more difficult.  At one point the Colorado Trail joins into the trail system so riding Buffalo Creek can turn into a multi-day expedition across some great trails in the state.

While there is little from a technical perspective compared to our trails, there are plenty of comparisons to what you can find here in central Texas.  There is a rooty climbing section that is like Sweet 16, but it goes on for a mile, not a few hundred feet.  And some of the granite is reminiscent of Reveille Peak Ranch.  But the trails themselves have really smooth surfaces, and occasionally gravelly, so managing your brakes is a top priority.

Location: Buffalo Creek, CO

Directions: Take route 24 to Woodland Park, then head north on 67 until you turn off onto 126. Follow that to the #543 trail head.

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Technical Level: Medium to high, mostly for endurance, not technical

Length: There are tons of trails, we did a 24 mile lap

Trails: Smooth singletrack, not technical except for a few spots, nicely graded climbs, there are 3 large sustained climbing sections, the first is roughly 5 miles long.

Trail Map:  Trail Map

 Our route was: nice kitty > Colorado trail > Redskin Creek trail > Gashouse trail > Strawberry Jack trail > Miller Gulch trail > Strawberry Jack > Charlie's Cutoff > Homestead trail > Sandy Wash trail

Elevation: About 3000 feet of climbing for our 24 mile lap


Shade:  The first 5 miles of our ride were in the former burn zone, so there was no shade and total exposure. The rest of the ride was well shaded

Extras:  There is a river next to the pavilion where we parked

Fees:  none

Post Ride Beer:  Avery IPA

GPS File:  GPX Format (my GPS was not working at the beginning so I missed the first mile and a half of the trail.  Head down the singletrack and take the bridge over the creek to start on nice kitty



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