You can pick up Los Robles in a pretty populated area and be out into a trail network with real mountains in no time. There are lots of different routes through the area that will take you from the suburban Westlake Hills area all the way into places like Sycamore Canyon south of Newbury Park. It's a great connector.

Location: South/west of Thousand Oaks in Ventura County, south of the 101

Directions: You can start at Triunfo Community Park and take any of the trail options that head to the south/west from there through the Conejo open space

Technical Level: Medium. Not a lot of rocky sections that I was on, but definitely plenty of climbing.

Length: About 20 miles of trails, for biking and hiking, would typically be an out and back of some sort.

Trails: Everything from jeep roads through technical rocky sections, plenty of climbing and stunning views.


Shade: Most of the trail is fairly open but the temperature is very moderate and the ocean breezes keep you cool.

Extras: none

Fees: None

Post Ride Beer: 14 Cannons Point Dume double IPA

Links: Official site:

GPS File: GPX Format - this is only one small section, check Trailforks or MTB Project



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