This is one of this epic trails that everyone needs to do once in their lives. You'll want to get a shuttle to take you up to the top and despite the fact that you start at a pretty decent elevation level, there is still plenty of climbing that you will do before you begin all of the descending. The good news is that there is a brewery on the way down so you do not need to wait until you get all the way home to have that beer.

Location: Southern Colorado

Directions: Arrange a shuttle, you do not want to try to ride up to the start yourself.

Technical Level: Not technical, but high alpine riding, so I give it a high in the difficulty level from the thin air at 11,000 feet

Length: There are multiple options to take depending on how long you want to ride. We did ~30 miles, including a beer stop.

Trails: Almost all single track, well maintained, lots of signage.

Trail Map:  


Shade: A mix of open and shade, but the weather was cool and you'll prefer the open air because of the beautiful views

Extras: none

Fees: None to ride, but you will be paying for a shuttle, several options in town.

Post Ride Beer: Elevation Beer Company is on your way back to Salida so stop there and get one of their great beers.

GPS File: GPX Format - this is only one small section, check Trailforks or MTB Project



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