3 words Fun As Hell! This is a great place to bike and camp. The trail is amazing, flowy, fast, and fun! Superb trail. 14+ miles of dirt trail, some 45 miles of paved trail available. You follow the contours of the land between the 2 lakes, up/down and around the area. Really pretty. Nothing more than 120 feet of elevation change so the trail is pretty easy. Some fun jumps off roots and dirt jumps, fun fallen tree to get over. Super trail. Great swimming opportunities at various sections of the trail. A definite repeat destination. Be great for a Mojo road trip. 12.5 hours from Austin, but worth it! Great place to take the family.

Location: Golden Pond, KY

Directions: From U.S. 101, take the Ralston Av. exit if you're coming from the south. From the north, I beleive it's called Marine World Parkway. Head west, past El Camino Real and The Alameda de las Pulgas. Just past this last street, keep your eyes open for Lyall Way on the left, just as the road begins to climb. Turn left on Lyall. You will come to a stop sign at Lake Road. Park on the left side of Lyall just past this stop sign. The entrance to Water Dog Lake is at the corner. (Directions from the Live555 site)

Technical Level: Easy to Medium

Length: 17-62 miles

Trails: hard pack dirt only. No rocks or sand or ledges.

Trail Map: Map


Shade: Good shade

Extras: Great camping (with clean showers and facilities). http://www.lbl.org/RatesAndHours.html

Wonderful family destination. 700+ acre Bison and Elk Prarie onsite. Tour is $5 per vehicle. 62+ miles of paved trails following the contours of the area. 
Bike shop and rentals nearby. Wood N Wave http://www.woodnwave.com/

Fees: None

Post Ride Beer:


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