Everybody knows about the Gramin mounts, those ever-present rubber-band attached mounts that hold your expensive computer onto your handlebars. But the problem with these mounts is that they do slip and they do come undone occasionally. Because of this I went out searching for some alternatives for my bikes.


The first alternative was the K-Edge. This mount actually mounts to the stem, under the top cap and takes the place of a spacer. If you have your stem all the way up at the top of your steerer tube this will not be a good choice as it will push your stem down a bit. Note that the one I bought has an adjustable pivot in the middle. There are also those that are just straight, but you really should not use those with a riser stem, you need a flat one. Also, even though this one had a pivot, it did not work on a short 50mm stem. The piece is machined aluminum and the craftsmanship is very good.  It is pricy but I have no worries about my computer.


The second choice is the SRAM mount.  This is much less expensive than the K-Edge, but it is also not as sturdy. It is plastic, which makes it a little more susceptible to bad things happening to it when you go over the bars. 

This is how I have it set up on my urban bike (I had not taken the old mount off, to the right. As you can see it sticks out in front of the bike, which is fine for this bike, but on my mountain bike I wanted a little more protection from crashes.

By mounting it to the inside, you get more protection and it sits on top of the stem. It is adjustable, so you can make sure that it is mounted in a way that keeps it off of your topcap if needed.

The biggest annoyance of the SRAM is that the mounting screw is not hex, it is a Torx. Luckily it is the same size as the Torx for disc rotors, but still a less common tool for adjusting.

You can find more info here:

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