The Gloworm X2 light is designed for night riding, but I use it for both night riding and for commuting. This was originally given to me and when I looked at it thought "well that can't be too bright, it's a fraction of the size of my standard light (Lume). Boy was I wrong.

The X2 has a strong beam that cuts through the night and lights up everything in front of you, giving you a good range of vision, even on the trails.  The beam is not as wide as some of the lights that I have seen, but is very strong, so although the peripheral may not be lit up by directional light, it gets enough spill over from the strength of the main beam.

The best part about this product is the size.  The light is so small and so compact that you can mount both the light and the battery on a helmet. During the winter I have a regular helmet for daytime riding and a night time helmet with this mounted.  The light is obviously on top and the battery pack is on the back, mounted with velcro.  This is good for weight distribution and doesn't take more than a second to put on or take off.  My old light had the battery pack stashed in my Camelbak which was a pain if you take your pack off mid ride. Also, because everything is compact up there, you don't have cables dangling that get grabbed by branches.

The light has several intensities, I find that most of the ride I am on the low or the mid.  I rarely ever use the highest setting because the middle has plenty of light.  I find that I can get a week of commuting (20 mins per day) and a night ride (90 minutes) out of a single charge and still have 20-40% of the power left over at the end of the week.

The control switch comes off the light a few inches and has a velcro connector so you can mount it directly on the helmet so that you don't have to try to grab a hot light to change the settings.

Here is a video of the light intensity from YouTube:

Manufacturer:  Gloworm

Rating:  9 out of 10

Pros:  Very compact and lightweight, incredibly bright, long lasting power

Cons:  None

Configuration: Mounted to a Bell helmet

Verdict: This is small, compact, lightweight and easy to mount, a perfect light for your evenings. 

Website: Gloworm X2

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