La Tierra is a set of trails on the near north side of Santa Fe, easily accessible from downtown by car or bike. This is an incredibly well-marked set of trails with lots of great features. There is even a jump area with plenty of technical features.

The "Hustle and Flow" flow trail was definitely the best part of the whole trail system, tons of fun.

Location: Santa Fe, NM


This is rideable from downtown. Starting at the Railyard, head down Montezuma to De Fouri and take that to West Alameda. Follow the Santa Fe River Trail just past St. Francis. You'll see a spur that heads North, crossing Alameda, follow that to the end at Camino de las Crucitas. Follow that street north, and just past the dog park, take a right on Buckman. Shortly, there will be a quick right to Camino de las Montoyas, which you follow all the way to the end. At the end, on the left, there is a trail that runs under the highway and leads you right into the trail network.

By car, take Guadalupe St to W Alameda St to Camino de Las Crucitas, following that all the way to Camino de los Montoyas where you head north. There are 3 different trail heads to choose from. 

Technical Level: Medium. The trails themselves are medium but if you are going to start playing on the jumps in the jump area, the level of complexity goes up greatly from there.

Length: 25 miles of total trail. You'll be sharing some of the trails with hikers and even horses in some areas.

Trails: Rocky, sandy, what you would expect in a desert-type environment. Lots of dry creek beds with sand, so watch for those when you hit them, they can throw you if you are at a high enough speed.

Trail Map: 


Shade: Most of the trail is very exposed, only a few shady areas.

Extras: Jump area

Fees: None

Post Ride Beer: Santa Fe Brewing Java Stout, it's a great post-ride wake up as well

Links: Official site - 

GPS File: GPX Format - This file includes my route from downtown to the trail by bike



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