This area is on the north side of town and not as traveled as some of the other trails in the Santa Fe area. There is plenty of climbing and some great views. I found some wonderful technical trails but got pretty far out and lost cell coverage so I had to turn back. Hoping to get there with some locals to do more exploring.

Location: Santa Fe, NM, near the bottom of the Dale Ball trails


Located by St. John's college 

Technical Level: Medium to high. There was plenty of climbing but for the most part it was well designed. As you get further out the trails are more off-camber and more exposed.

Length: About 15-20 miles of trails, for biking and hiking

Trails: Rocky and sandy like much of the Santa Fe area

Trail Map: I cannot find a good map, here is the AllTrails info: 


Shade: Most of the trail is fairly shady. There are some open spots but sun was not an issue

Extras: none

Fees: None

Post Ride Beer: Santa Fe Brewing Java Stout

GPS File: GPX Format - this is only one small section, check Trailforks or MTB Project



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