Brewer: Live Oak Brewing Company, Austin, TX

Style: Hefeweizen

Location: Various bars around Austin

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Reviewed by: Julio Rodriguez

In my opinion, this is the best hefeweizen around. It may have something to do with how fresh I can get this beer. Hefeweizens are best fresh and loose much of their unique flavor as they age. Having a brewery that makes this beer locally probably has a lot do with why I feel none of the bottled commercial hefeweizens compare to Live Oak.

True to the style, it pours a very hazy straw-like color. Depending on the server, the head will stick around for a good while or it may disappear quickly. The smell of cloves and banana hit you in the face when compared to other hefeweizens. There is a nice spicy clove flavor that is balanced out with the sweetness of the wheat and the banana flavors produced by the yeast. It's highly carbonated, again, true to style, and it is best at ice cold temperatures, which really lets the clove flavor shine. The wheat and banana flavors tend to dominate as it warms. It's the perfect post ride beer after a couple laps at Reimer's Ranch in July and August. This is my go-to when I want a light refreshing beer.



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