Brewer: Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma, CA

Style:  India Pale Ale

Location: At Tacodeli after a ride (it's BYOB there)

Similar to: Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Reviewed by: John


Someone always has a beer that they want me to try.  Not that I am some great beer expert, but mainly because I am a beer fan and I love to talk about beer.  When Nando said "you have to try this", I said "ok, but let me finish my Torpedo first."

Little did I know that when I finished the last sip of the Torpedo, that the first sip of the next beer would be as close as I have seen to my favorite Torpedo.  Lagunitas has always had a strong set of beers and their quality is outstanding, I've never had a bad one.  But when I tipped back the Maximus, the hoppy goodness just kept flowing out.

It has a strong, hoppy taste that is just the right balance of bite and flavor.  Even as I started to get down the bottle, and it became a little warmer, it was still just as flavorful and easy to put down.

With an ABV of somewhere north of 8%, it packs a good punch without being overpowering like some of the double IPAs that are out on the market.  If you love the hops, this is definitely one for your short list.

Rating:  8 out of 10


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