Brewer: Iron City Brewing Co.

Style:  Pilsner

Location: Primanti Bros. Restaurant, Pittsburgh PA

Similar to: Other blue collar light pilsners

Reviewed by: Ben (mojo: h3hound

When in Rome, right?

This, like other workhorse American light Pilsners, is best served very cold. As it warms it grows a bit tiresome and uninteresting.  Serve it cold enough so you can hang with it.

Its a light colored pilsner style lager with a white foamy head.  It resembles similar large scale brewery beers and I would rate it above bottled Budweiser and among or just below Shiner Premium.

Its got some history, its got some bubbles, its bottles have probably been thrown during union strike scuffles. Nonetheless, its not terrible for what it is.  Go Steelers.

Rating:  4 out of 10


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