The Bull Creek Greenbelt is an interesting little path in north central Austin. It's located right off Spicewood Springs and Loop 360 and provides a quick getaway with some varied terrain for biking.

Because this trail is less traveled, it can be overgrown and not very clear in some areas. The path is an easy place for beginners to practice their skills before embarking on more challenging arenas. No climbing is required, and don't forget to watch out for snakes.

Location: North Austin, just off of Loop 360 and Spicewood Springs

Directions: Take Loop 360 west from MoPac to Spicewood Springs road and go south on Spicewood Springs to the first right (about 200 yards from 360), I don't know the name of the street. Go right and follow the road to a parking lot about 200 yards from Spicewood. You can pick up the trail from there. Be careful of the parking lot after dark, that seems to be a meeting place for some unusual figures, so be forewarned.

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Technical Level:  Low to medium

Length: 3-4 miles, plus some associated side trails.

Trails: The trails are a mixture of dirt, rocky areas and ledges. The ledges are generally very small so getting over them is not an issue. At times the trail can be hard to pick up and follow, so keep your eyes peeled.

Trail Map:  (insert text)


Shade:  Plenty of shade

Extras:  A creek to wade in when you are done riding. I can't really say that you can swin there because the creek tends to be a foot or so deep in most places.

Fees:  none

Post Ride Beer:  Something out of a tap. This is a no-nonsense trail so follow it up with a simple beer.

GPS File:  GPX Format


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