Mary Moore Searight park is on the south side of Austin. It is a nice little neighborhood park that is also connected to the South Austin Trail Network, so not only is it a destination to go and ride, but it offers you the opportunity to access a huge range of trails. As a base for exploration the park is easily accessible and offers a variety of easier trails for the beginner with access to more challenging features as you move out, further away from the park.


Location: Austin, TX

Directions: Take I-35 South and get off at Slaughter Lane. Take slaughter west to Mary Moore Searight Lane. Take MMS Lane south and you will run right into the park.

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Technical Level: Low 

Length: Main trail is ~6 miles in the park, connections to dozens of other trails outside of the park

Trails: Relatively flat and easy to ride. I took a singlespeed and never had to get off the bike anywhere. Twisty trails and a variety of conditions.


Shade: Good cover in most places but there are some exposed double track areas

Extras: Bathrooms, disk golf

Fees: Free

Post Ride Beer: This is an easy trail so a Modelo or a Lone Star is probably your best bet. That is what the disk golf guys were drinking.

GPS File: GPX file (not my path, courtesy of Carl Z)


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