Centennial has proximity to Kessler, but they are night and day different. Where Kessler is chunky and technical, Centennial is more flowy with jumps and longer downhill runs. There are some cool features built up and Junk Drawer was a nice long stretch back to Kessler when we finally said we had enough for the day.

Location: Fayetteville, AR

Directions: Take I-49 south towards Fayetteville and exit at 62 / West Shiloh Drive.

Google Maps location

Technical Level: Medium for most of the trail, there are a few highly technical features that you can play on

Length: About 12 total miles of trails

Trails: Plenty of varied trails with rock features and some jumps



Shade:  Plenty of shade on most of the trails.

Extras:  None

Fees:  No fees, free entrance

Post Ride Beer:  Fossil Cove La Brea Brown Ale


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