Blowing Springs is a nice diversion for those of you riding the Back 40 in Bentonville. Located just south of the Back 40, it is easy to get to and adds an additional set of miles. There is a concrete pump track also available just around the corner from the trailhead.

Location: Bentonville, AR.

Directions: Exit Highway 71at Mercy Way and head east on Mercy Way. Once you cross Dartmoor/Lambeth you'll be on Blowing Springs Road and the trail head is just ahead on your right.

Google Map of the Trailhead

Technical Level: Medium 

Length: About 5 miles of trails, depending on what you select to ride.

Trails: Plenty of groomed trail goodness here, everything is well done.

Trail Map:  


About 400 feet of total climbing

Shade:  Very Good

Extras:  Pump track

Fees:  None.

Post Ride Beer:  We had Bikerack Brewing Amber Ale. Ultimately we did not recommend the brewery, there are so many better options.



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