The Back 40 is a trail network in Bentonville that is just loaded with goodness. Located at the north end of town there are a series of trails all connected into a series of loops, you could spend a whole day here.

Location: Bentonville, AR.

Directions: There are multiple trailheads:

Trafalgar Road trailhead

Lake Ann trailhead

Bear Hollow trailhead


Technical Level: Medium to high depending on what you ride

Length: About 40 miles of trails.

Trails: Plenty of groomed trail goodness here, everything is well done. Lost of rollers, no crazy climbing, lots of variety

Trail Map:  


About 1100 feet of total climbing for the 12 miles that we rode, putting it on par with Austin.

Shade:  Very Good


Fees:  None.

Post Ride Beer:  New Province Particulate Matter Pale Ale - not as strong as an IPA but it comes in a 16-oz can



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