We hit Coler on a dark, dreary, wet day but still had a blast. Even though the trails were a bit slick, they were totally rideable with the exception of a couple spots where we had to avoid riding. The park is built around "the hub" which is a huge metal structure that serves as a starting point for a variety of trails. We rode Fire Line down and had so much fun on it that we turned around, rode it up and then took it for a second time. We also hit the trail on the north side. My only advice is don't ride "Here's Johnny" on a wet day. It feels like Rattlesnake on the BCGB trail, a little dicey when it is not perfectly dry.

Location: Bentonville, AR.

Directions: Take Business 71 north from the center of town to 12th street and head west. This turns into Punkin Hollow Road. When you hit Peach Orchard Road you are right around the corner from the trailhead.

Google Maps location

Technical Level: Medium to high, including some real high risk drops and features. 

Length: About 15-20 miles of trails. We only rode 12 of it.

Trails: Beautifully built trails with a variety of surfaces. Plenty of ramps and tabletops.

Trail Map:  
Don't have an official map yet.


My GPS crapped out on the ride and I don't have any accurate data. Apparently it thinks I climbed 4400 feet, but it was not anywhere near that.

Shade:  Very Good

Extras:  There are plenty of features, along with hiking/walking paths and even camping. 

Fees:  None.

Post Ride Beer:  Ozark Beer Fallen Queen Belgian wit - I was not a fan but the rest of the guys really loved this.



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