Muleshoe is a great place to do a few laps, regardless of the weather. After a rain, Muleshoe usually recovers in a little over 24 hours. The park is essentially a large loop with a road that runs down the middle. Even if you get halfway around a loop and want to cut out, there is a place to bail and get back to the trailhead.

Muleshoe is about 45 minutes from downtown Austin. Be sure to be watching for wildlife as you ride. I've never met a rattlesnake, but I have had several encounters with deer; one almost took me out on a downhill once.

Location: Spicewood, TX

Directions: Take highway 71 west of Austin until you see the sign for Paleface Ranch. Take a right on Paleface Ranch Road. Follow that a few miles and veer to the right on County Road 414 (there is a sign for a gas station). Follow that road a mile or two into the park.

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Technical Level: Low to medium

Length: Main trail is ~7 miles, with all of the additional loops added it is closer to 10 miles or so.

Trails: Rocky and hard packed dirt. Many areas are sandy and have loose rocks, so be careful if you build up too much speed in the turns. Good foliage.

Trail Map: Trail Map


Shade: Good cover, a good place to ride on a sunny day

Extras: New bathrooms by the entrance, the park is right on Lake Travis so you can go for a dip after riding.

Fees: $5 per rider

Post Ride Beer: Bass Ale. Live a little after the ride. After going around in a loop a few times, the Bass will remind you of the turnabouts in London.

GPS File: GPX Format


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