Grelle is a nice little gem out in the general Muleshoe / Pace Bend area. While not as long or as challenging as the others in the area, it is surprisingly remote and you probably won't see the typical crowds that you do in the other more popular areas. The trail is generally easy to ride, in most cases it is probably even a bit boring for expert riders, but if you have a friend, child or spouse that is just getting into the sport, this is a place for both of you to ride together. There aren't a lot of technical features but there were a few spots where I dismounted because I was literally the only one in the park and it was my first time there.


Location: Spicewood, TX

Directions: Take highway 71 west of Austin. Just past Paleface Ranch you will see a sharp right turn for Gregg Road, it is easy to miss. Take that right then at the intersection with 404 turn left. Follow the signs from there. At 412 you'll just continue to follow that road right into the end of the park. There is a pay station all the way in the back so head out there and pay at the pay station.

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Technical Level: Low 

Length: Main trail is ~8.5 miles

Trails: Rocky and hard packed dirt. Many areas are sandy and have loose rock. Plenty of double track riding along the edges and up the middle. There are a ton of steps to contend with on the trail, you can ride over them fairly easily, it actually adds a little challenge to what might be a low technical skills trail.


Shade: Good cover, very shady, except for the double track sections

Extras: Bathrooms, camping, lake

Fees: $5 per rider

Post Ride Beer: I had an Elysian Space Dust after, definitely over achieved on the beer, I'd recommend a lager or something else that goes down easy

GPS File: GPX Format - Just a warning, the GPX includes "Cottontail Loop", that is primarily a hiking trail, don't bother trying to ride your bike on it.


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