For the final ride of our trip we needed a quick lap somewhere and Red Rock Canyon was right by where we were staying, so it was the natural choice for saying goodbye to the great trails in Colorado Springs.  Passing a Rudy's on the way out of to the trails, you're reminded of Austin, but that is where the comparison ends.  Red Rock Canyon is an open area with a set of trails up the mountain that are long run ups, with a gravelly grade on a jeep road.  Once at the top, you can drop into the canyon and you'll find a lot of fun riding, but nothing too technical.

All of the trails are graded like on a ski slope, but where you will find a black trail in Colorado, the technical level is probably a low blue for Austin.  The scenery is incredible with red rocks that remind you of Sedona.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Directions: Take route 24 to Ridge Road, just west of 31st street.

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Technical Level: Low 

Length: We rode about 7 miles, and picked up all of the more technical trails (for Colorado), there is probably over 15 miles of total trail if you wanted to string together all of the trails for a full loop.

Trails: Smooth singletrack, gravelly at some points with lots of sand.

Trail Map:  Trail Map 

Elevation: About 700 feet 


Shade:  Not well shaded, lots of exposure

Extras:  Small bike park with some wooden features

Fees:  none

Post Ride Beer:  With all of the microbrewery activity in Colorado Springs, there are plenty to choose from. We went to Pikes Peak Brewing in Monument, CO but that was quite a way north, on our way back to Denver.

Links:  City Website

GPS File:  GPX Format (there is some neighborhood stuff at the beginning and end of this track, just ignore that.




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