The Rampart Reservoir is located just a few miles out of Woodland Park, Colorado. It's easy to get to from the town and is close to Mueller State Park and Pike's Peak. The trail has awesome scenery, during a good part of your ride you can look over your shoulder and see Pike's Peak in the distance.

While it is an easier trail by all accounts, the fact that you are between 9,000 and 10,000 feet means that even the simple inclines that you deal with at sea level become much more strenuous on your body. The last mile is a simple grade up and it really takes a lot out of you. Also note that they do let horses on the trail and there are always lots of hikers as well.

Location: Woodland Park, CO

Directions: (From the Team Telecycle site) Take highway 24 to Baldwin Street and go North on Baldwin, past high school (Rampart Range Road), 3 miles to fork in road (left fork to Denver; right fork to Colorado Springs). Take the right fork and climb 1.5 miles to four way intersection. Turn right and go 2 miles to Rampart Ski Touring (and Mountain Bike) Trailhead on left side.

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Technical Level: Low for technical features, a little bit harder if you are not used to the altitude.

Length: 15 miles

Trails: Mostly crushed gravel and some dirt. The ground can be sandy and it can turn into a real gunk after rain.


Shade: Heat is not as much of an issue at that altitude, but the trails are about 50% shaded

Extras: A big lake to swim in

Fees: None

Post Ride Beer: Killian's Red or Stone Mill Pale Ale

GPS File: GPX Format


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