OP Schnabel has a variety of trails, from flat smooth trails to downhills, climbs, shaded forest and even jumps.

There is a large BMX area with 4-foot high dirt jumps, some even have obstacles like old refrigerators in the middle of the jump. The park is located along a river and crosses over water in several areas. Trails can be rocky in areas and muddy after a rain.

Location: San Antonio, TX

Directions: Take I-35 south to 1604. Take 1604 west (right) down to Bandera Road. Take Bandera east to the entrance of the park. If I remember correctly, there is a huge "Grass" billboard right at the entrance.

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Technical Level: Medium

Length: 10-12 miles

Trails: Well-cut and well maintained trails. There was a lot of debris along the river paths but everything was rideable. More dirt than rocks, lots of jumps and other diversions.

Trail Map: Trail map


Shade: Medium to very good

Extras: none

Fees: none

Post Ride Beer: Tecate. You're in San Antonio, so you can throw a stone and hit 20 great Tex Mex restaurants. Tecate matches the unpretentious OP trails.

Links: City site

GPS File: GPX Format


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