Brushy Creek is the most well-developed and continually maintained trail in Williamson County. Just north of Austin, the trail packs a ton for people who want to ride, from all levels. From the concrete paved path that runs through the middle of the trail to all of the off-road options, there is a ton of variety and some of the most challenging technical features in the area. Brushy Creek started off as an unsanctioned trail but because the trail builders worked with the local government, they were able to get full sanctioning and recognition from the local groups. 

Peddler's Pass is a section that has been used for races. It is a twisty berm-laden trail that, while only a couple of miles long, presents a lot of challenge for riders who want to practice their cornering and handling in a somewhat rough environment (don't expect berms like Bentonville, these are Texas berms so there will be rocks.) 

Location: Near the Brushy Creek Sports Complex in Cedar Park. You can also access the trail from the Twin Lakes YMCA area.

Directions: Take MoPac north to Parmer and follow Parmer West.  Just past Avery Ranch you will find a light for Brushy Creek; take that left and follow the signs into the sports complex.  The best place to park is beyond the skate park.

Technical Level: Medium to high

Length: Over 20 miles of trails, with more being added on a regular basis. Well marked trails with great signage.

Trails: Rocky and twisty, lots of switchbacks, ledges and technical features to contend with

Trail Map:  Official county map


About 1,000 feet of climbing if you do over 20 miles.

Shade:  Well shaded

Extras:   None

Fees:  None

Post Ride Beer:  Lagunitas IPA

GPS File:  GPX Format


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