BeltonLake is a little-known secret up in Belton. It seems like nobody knows it's there. The trails are beautifully marked and graded in terms of beginner, intermediate and expert. I found that the expert trails were not quite as challenging as some of the other trails I've ridden from a technical standpoint, but definitely a challenge from the climbing sense.

When you ride these trails, you essentially descend into a bowl where you ride a good chunk of the trail and then climb out at the end. The trails have a lot of rock coming out of them, which can make riding somewhat of an obstacle course in some areas. There are lots small rock ledges (~6" in height)throughout the beginning of the ride but you don't really hit any real challenges until the very end (at least on the paths that I took.) Also be on the lookout for livestock, I came around a corner and missed a bull by a few feet.

Location:Belton, TX

Directions: From Austin, take I-35 north to Belton. Exit on highway 190 west. Then take highway 121 north for 3-4 miles and turn left at the light (right BEFORE the school). Take that 5-6 miles to the entrance of BLORA.

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Technical Level: Several trails from low to high, technical from a climbing, not an obstacle standpoint

Length: About 12-14 miles, depending on the route you choose

Trails: Very well maintained. Dirt, rocks, lots of loose rocks on the climbs and on the descents. A good variety.

Trail Map:  Trail Map


Shade:  Moderate

Extras:  Camping, beach, waterslide

Fees:  $3

Post Ride Beer:  Bass Ale

GPS File:  GPX Format



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