The Winsor trail is about 9-10 miles long, but you can double your fun by climbing it up, ~3800 feet, and then bombing back down. If you only want the downhill experience, there is a bus from downtown Santa Fe that will take you to the top. 

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Directions: There are two ways to get there.

The first way is to drive out of Santa Fe on Bishop's Lodge Road if you are planning to ride up it and back down. When you get to Big Tesuque Canyon Road, take a right. There are places to park along that road, but be REAL CONSIDERATE folks. That is a "public" street but that is a pretty small neighborhood and there are limited places to park. Make sure you are only parking in approved spots. Don't be that guy that think nobody will care.

If you only interested in doing the downhill, then you can catch the blue bus (#255) from the square and up to the top of the Ski Area. 

Technical Level: Medium to high. The trails themselves are medium but if you really hit some of the rocky areas, especially at the top, then the complexity goes up.

Length: 10 miles one way, 20 miles if you do the up and back. Bonus points if you ride out from town. I had a 27.4M day

Trails: Because of amount of elevation that you are covering, the terrain changes a lot. At places it is rocky and technical, some of it is smooth and flowy. You'll see aspens and meadows. At the bottom there are plenty of river crossings, most of which have bridges. The trial surface is sandy in loose in a lot of places, imagine Rocky Hill Ranch with tons of elevation.

Trail Map: 

Forest Service Map:

Trailforks: winsor-out-and-back 


Shade: Most of the trail is very shady, only a few exposed areas.

Extras: Shuttle to the top if you want to pay (and there is space)

Fees: None, I believe the shuttle is $20

Post Ride Beer: La Cumbre Elevation IPA, the perfect beer for a 3800ft elevation day!

GPS File: GPX Format


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