Brewer: Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Co. Ourayle House Brewery

Style: India Pale Ale

Location: Ouray, CO, on tap at the brewpub

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Reviewed by: Julio Rodriguez

First off, this is very small operation. If it were legal to sell home brew, this is what it would be like. There are several beers on tap, but they change out regularly and from what I understood, they don't make the same beers. They just brew what they want and put it on tap. I had their IPA at the time, which was nothing special. It poured a very hazy amber color with a small head that disappeared quickly. I don't recall the exact flavors much, but I remember thinking, "Meh... it's an IPA" and "This could use a little more time to condition". It was beer, and that's all that mattered at the time. I would go back just to see what was on tap, hoping to be surprised by whatever I ordered.



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