Brewer: Widmer Brothers, Portland, OR

Style:  Pale Ale

Location: Friend's house

Similar to: This is similar to lighter pale ales, close to a Deschutes Mirror Pond

Reviewed by: John

I had this at a friend's house, so I can't vouch for the supply chain on this one. 

It has a lighter flavor, if you do a little research, you'll see that the IBU is half that of Torpedo and about 50% lower than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. 

If it is a really hot summer afternoon, a lighter IPA is usually a good bet, so if you are interested in picking this up, do it during one of the hot summer months versus the colder months when something a little more substantial is required.

It's pretty good on the alcohol content, coming in at 5.7%, putting it above your typical lager.  It's a good alternative to your typical american beer, but if you are looking for a stronger (flavor) pale ale or thinking about an IPA, you may be disappointed.

Rating:  5 out of 10

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