Yes, Eureka Springs is a bit out of the way if you are staying in Bentonville, but Passion Play makes it well worth the drive. About an hour east of Bentonville is the town of Eureka Springs, home to great trails and a ton of fun. If you play your cards right you can get in two trails in a day, but be warned, you will be spent. If you want to just go all out, Passion Play has all of the features, jumps and gaps that will wear you down and have you begging for mercy by the end of the ride.

Location: Eureka Springs, AR

Directions: Take 72 east out of Bentonville and when you get to route 62 take a left. Then follow 62 through the hills to Eureka Springs. From there you can follow the signs to the "Great Passion Play", which is off of Pivot Rock Road.

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Technical Level: Medium to high with some places that rank as well above high.

Length: Roughly 18 miles depending on your route. Lots of options and can be ridden in a variety of different manners, there is no "one way" around this place. We managed to ride half of it and then went off to hit Lake Leatherwood.

Trails: This is a combination of beautifully groomed trails and berms along with some that could use a little assistance, but honestly, the overall feel is outstanding. Tons of berms, small jumps and features to have fun on; there are some large gaps and other features that make you scratch your head and figure out how anyone can clear them.



Shade:  Mixed

Extras:  A big religious theme park if you are into that, lots of free parking

Fees:  None.

Post Ride Beer:  We ended up in a restaurant in Eureka Springs afterward, enjoying Stone IPAs


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