This trail network is amazing. I am not a person to ride the big wooden features or do gap jumps, but there were plenty of smaller features to keep me entertained. The trails are beautifully groomed, the features are well maintained and the signage is well thought out. Overall I liked this set of trails the best of everything that we rode in Bentonville because it had such a wide range of interesting things to keep you entertained. The trail has been built in a series of phases and there is no indication that the city is done building.

Location: Bentonville, AR.

Directions: There are multiple trailheads and this is a large trail system, so there are plenty of places to catch it. It is literally right off the downtown where you pick up All American which was my favorite part of the trail.


Technical Level: Medium to high depending on what you ride

Length: About 20 miles of trails.

Trails: Berms like you won't believe. Lost of rollers, no crazy climbing but it adds up fast, lots of variety to choose from.

Trail Map:  


About 1500 feet of total climbing for the 17 miles that we rode, putting it on par with Austin. Lots of flat sections.

Shade:  Very Good

Extras:  There are a couple of bike skills parks along the way and lots of wooden features.

Fees:  None.

Post Ride Beer:  Bike Rack Brewing Slaughter Pen IPA. Not a favorite brewery in Bentonville, but you have to drink the beer named after the trail.



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