Camp Eagle is quite a drive to put it mildly. At a good clip we made it from central Austin to the trail in ~3 hours. For a 6 hour round trip, that is a bit much for a single day. However, they do have camping on site, so making a weekend out of it is not out of the question.

When we were out there, the trail was real muddy. To the point of almost being unrideable. Normally we would not have ridden something that muddy, but the folks there didn't seem to care.

The trails are very well marked, however, we managed to do the south portion backwards (our mistake).

Location: Way out west, past Fredericksburg, north of Kerrville and south of Junction.



(From their site) Take290 West through Johnson City, Fredericksburg and Harper. Go south on479 to I-10 and then go west one exit to Exit number 490 (Hwy 41/Mountain Home, Rocksprings). Turn left under the highway and go west on41. After two miles you will cross Hwy 27. Continue on Hwy 41 for 22miles to the intersection of 41 and Hwy 83. Cross 83 and go 16 more miles on Hwy 41. Turn left onto Hackberry Road, which is a dirt road.Camp Eagle is 8 miles ahead.

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Technical Level: Medium

Length: Several trails - adds up to ~14 miles of total trail.

Trails: Hard to tell as it was muddy when we were there. They are well built, lots of dirt. Plenty of switchbacks, so get ready for some climbing.

Trail Map: Map


Shade: North loops are well covered. South loops have some exposure.

Extras: Camping and other activities

Fees: None

Post Ride Beer: Since it is a christian camp we opted to go to Fredericksburg and had a beer at the brewery there.

GPS File: GPX Format


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