I haven't had a chance to ride this trail, but here is some brief information on it. If any of you can help fill in with more details and possibly send some pictures, that would be great.

This trail is located in San Marcos and is short, but if you live in the general vacinity it is probably a good place to ride based on proximity.

Location: San Marcos, TX



Take Aquarena Springs Drive to the Texas Rivers Center, which houses the River Systems Institute (formerly Aquarena Springs hotel) and park in the section of the parking lot furthest from the building entrance and at the foot of the hill.

To get to the trailhead, you will need to cross the street (Laurel Lane) heading toward the golf course maintenance facility. As you do you will see a 3x6 inch, blue plastic trail marker (also called a blaze) nailed to a large tree across the street.

Cross the street carefully (traffic comes down the hill at a fast rate of speed), and look for the next blaze on a tree within the parking area of the golf maintenance area.

Keep following the blazes through the steel gate and up the hill until you see a sheltered kiosk. Now you are in Spring Lake Preserve.

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Technical Level: Low to medium

Length: About 4.5 miles

Trails: Singletrack and crushed granite trails.

Trail Map: Trail Map






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