I hope you brought your lungs. Government Canyon is a lung-buster if there ever was one. The land has best been described as "half a basketball" - it is essentially a large dome with lots of trails leading up and down to a central point at the peak. The climbs are killers but the downs are great. It's pretty difficult to get lost on the trail, especially because they have great markings. However, if you take a wrong turn and are separated, it could be very easy to be apart from your group for a long time.

Location: San Antonio, TX

Directions: From the intersection of Loop 1604 and Culebra Road (also known as FM 471 - back road to Castroville), travel west 3.5 miles to Galm Road. Turn north (right) on Galm and travel 1.6 miles; gate with signs on the left.

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Technical Level: Medium (high for non-climbers)

Length: At least 20 Miles of trail

Trails:  Singletrack, jeep roads, all with excellent trail markings.

Trail Map:

Trail Map


Shade:  Medium, make sure you have lots of water in the summer

Extras: Group facilities, campsites

Fees: $6 per person

Post Ride Beer: Anything cold. In honor of San Antonio, a good Pearl would qunech your thirst.

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GPS File: GPX Format


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