700 Acres is one of the more technical parks in San Antonio, as well as one of the most elusive. The property is privately owned and the owners, for now, turn a blind eye on the bikers. However, this could change at any time, so be warned, you could be trespassing in the future. This is the single most important reason to make sure that if you do ride it, you also take care of it.

700 Acres is referred to as "700 Scratches" by the locals - and with good cause. I saw more miscellaneous blood on this ride than any other. Nothing serious, but everyone seemed to walk away with a sew scratches on any exposed skin. Also, it home to some of the best flats because of the thorns in vegetation. Stay on the trail and try some tire liners if you aren't running special tires.

Location: San Antonio, TX

Directions: Since this is private property, I'm not gonna post directions. You need to find someone to take you there.


Technical Level: Highly technical. Tight turns, lots of thorns and other sticky items. Sunglasses are a requirement - it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Length: This is anyone's guess. 700 Acres is a tangle of trails, so it can be as long or short as you want I guess.

Trails: Something for everyone. From clearly established and well-worn trails to one part of the trail where we rode in knee-high grass with no perceptible track. Rocky in spots, not as many ledges, but changing conditions everywhere. Very challenging because the terrain is changing often. Also, because this is private property, there is no regular trail maintenance to speak of. I'm sure that some of the SA riders clean it from time to time, but there are piles of age-old discarded items (like appliances) that you may run into.

Trail Map: none

Shade: Very good shade. Because of the changing conditions the sun exposure changes also, but much of the trail is either in the shade or close enough that you can get covered if you overheat.

Extras: none

Fees: none

Post Ride Beer: Dos Equis - a smooth beer to counteract a rough ride. Best served with some carne asada tacos or BBQ before heading back to Austin.


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