I hope you have your climbing shoes on. The inner trails are twisty, tight single track, but the outer trails are essentially a long series of drops and climbs.

While this trail is actually under 10 miles, when you get done you feel like you've been through a full day of riding.

Directions: View Google Map

Technical Level: Medium, higher if you don't like to climb

Length: 9 miles

Trails: A wide variety of trails.  Limestone ledges, leafy dirt, sand and loose gravel, as well as several double track trails.

Trail Map:  

Other Map


Shade:  Medium, some exposure on the outer trails.

Extras:  Lake for swimming, camping

Fees:  $6 per car

Post Ride Beer:  Sierra Nevada Holiday Blend (hey, it was the holiday season...)

Links:  Local site

GPS File:  GPX Format


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