Located just north and east of Santa Fe, it is a relatively easy "ride to the ride" destination. There are three different sections and plenty of trail to hit. Everything from rocky and chunky to chunky and rocky. Great signage and well maintained for both hikers and bikers.

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Directions: There are multiple trailheads and even a connection from the Santa Fe Ski Area if you want to take the shuttle bus and avoid the climb. I took Upper Canyon Road, just past the Cerro Gordo trailhead. Take a right up a steep dirt road. There is a single track that takes off to the left about 100 feet up the road. After that the trail is well marked, with maps at every junction. 

Technical Level: Medium to high. Generally speaking the trails are not overly technical, but there is a good amount of difficulty due to the sharpness of some of the turns and overall rocky nature.

Length: 24.4 total miles of trails, in three sections, north, south and central.

Trails: Short sharp climbs, rocky and chunky surface. Lots of twisty singletrack with a a rocky base. Desert-like conditions. 

Trail Map: 


Shade: A bit of shade, but not a ton. Most of the trails are generally exposed, being at a higher altitude with a lot of scrub means that there is exposure but the weather is more temperate.

Extras: None

Fees: None

Post Ride Beer: Santa Fe Brewing 7K IPA

GPS File: GPX Format


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