Rocky Hill has been around since 1993 and is about 45 minutes or so from Austin. The main loop is 15 miles of single track and there are 3 miles of straightforward jeep trail (mid 2022) and there are plans to continue adding mileage. You'll encounter a wide variety of trails, including technical trail features, short steep climbs, twists through the trees, and more. And Fat Chuck's Demise is one hell of a climb! Over the years the owners (Grey and Pam Hill) have had several lease holders, and they have been operating it themselves again for the last several years. After nearly three decades of operation they continue to encourage mountain biking. There are active local volunteers who maintain, build, and ensure there are fun trails to ride.

Although there are many areas that the trial is actually rocky, it might as we have been named "Sandy Hill Ranch" because there are more sandy trails than anything else. Every time I leave, I end up cleaning out about a pound of sand out of my drive train. 

Rocky Hill Ranch is also a location for Freeride 512, they have a variety of really interesting jumps, ramps, gaps and other features to play around on as well. But please note that Freeride 512 is a separate entity and you'll need to sign their waiver and abide by their rules.

Location: Smithville, TX


Take Highway 71 east to the first Smithville exit, Turn left on Route 153. Follow 153 past Buescher State Park for about 2-3 miles to the entrance of Rocky Hill Ranch on the left.

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Technical Level: Medium

Length:  There are about 15 miles of trail currently and they continue to build more on a regular basis

Trails: Rocky, sandy, lots of loose soil and sand make cornering a challenge.

Trail Map: 
Here is the full current map with trail names and descriptions: Trail map
Here are trail descriptions from the trail builder:
Volunteer efforts have taken the 6.5 miles of remaining trail and doubled that to a 13 mile loop over 6 month's of work. A herculean effort. There will more new trail to come. Aiming for about fifteen miles, eventually.

The new trails offer a good balance that have both challenges on trails like Corkscrew, Black Trac, Litterbox, and Sofa King Fun, as well as expanding the good 'ol winding-through-the-Pines feel with trails like Karaway, Tristy, and Lemonade. The new stuff was crafted to offer visitors that "I'm not in Texas anymore" feeling which has been part of the Rocky Hill experience for going on three decades. Fat Chuck's Demise has been reopened for those who enjoy a good suffering climb.

Technical Trail Features spice things up nicely with Shart Cut, The Grind, The Wall, and Reveille's Romp to get your attention. Several challenging new climbs and downhill sections have been added as well.

The Rocky Hill tradition of Rest Stops with a picnic table and water jug have been preserved. Take a break at the Crossroads, Lemonade Stand, and Ventoso Vista (Breezy View) rest stops while riding the loop.

Gravel Grinders can ride six miles by doing out-n-backs on all roads. These roads are also great for anyone to take an easy ride, and a great way for the weary to get back to the campground or parking area without completing the entire singletrack loop.

A map with trail descriptions has been attached. The attached map may not get updated on a regular basis, but the maps on MTBProject and Trailforks will be kept current, as well as offering GPX downloads. There should be a current map/descriptions download link found on the Rocky Hill Ranch website as well.

Rocky Hill Ranch has RV spots (30 and 50 Amp, w/water), Tent Camping, Restrooms, and Showers available for visitors. Nearby Smithville, Texas has some great choices for Dining, Lodging, and Shopping. Many of which are in the historic Downtown area.

Buescher State Park is between Rocky Hill Ranch and Smithville offering a fun, shared MTB/Hiking trail system and additional camping options. So, you can get a lot of trail miles under the tires if staying for the weekend.


Shade: Medium, but there are several water stations to make sure that nobody is without water. Later in the day they could run dry though

Extras: Toilets, showers, RV electric and water, and Primitive camping with tables and fire rings are available.

Fees: $10

Post Ride Beer: Fat Tire Ale - ice cold and waiting for you. If you are riding with a group, buy them a 6 pack of cold Shiner, it's cheap and good


Rocky Hill Ranch Website 

GPS File: GPX Format


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