Rocky Hill is the best 45 minute trip that you can make from Austin. The main loop is about 26 miles total and you'll encounter a wide variety of trails, from the straightforward jeep trails to ledges, short climbs, twists through the trees, bunny hops over logs and more. And Fat Chuck is one hell of a climb!

Although there are many areas that the trial is actually rocky, it might as we have been named "Sandy Hill Ranch" because there are more sandy trails than anything else. Every time I leave, I end up cleaning out about a pound of sand out of my drive train. Once you finish your ride, on some days the cafe is open, but not what it used to be.

Location: Smithville, TX



Take Highway 71 east to Route 153. Follow 153 east about 2-3 miles to the entrance of Rocky Hill Ranch. Look for the old bike hanging from the gateposts.

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Technical Level: Medium

Length: 15-18 miles, depending on the route you take

Trails: Rocky, sandy, lots of loose soil and sand make cornering a challenge.

Trail Map: Trail Maps


Shade: Medium, but there are several water stations to make sure that nobody is without water. Later in the day they could run dry though

Extras: The bar/kitchen is on/off so it is hard to say what the status is.  Bike wash, showers and a campground are on site.

Fees: $10

Post Ride Beer: Fat Tire Ale - ice cold and waiting for you. If you are riding with a group, buy them a 6 pack of cold Shiner, it's cheap and good


Rocky Hill Ranch Website 

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