Sometimes we go out to ride the trails so that you don't have to - and this is a definite case. The trail is located about 30 minutes from downtown Austin and is not worth the drive. This is primarily because it is almost all jeep trails and they allow horseback riding. This tears up the trail and makes it difficult to ride. 

I did a scant 12 miles and it was mostly unsatisfying. If you happen to be staying at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and you have a bike with you then it is probably worth the time if you want to get away from the family, but I would not want to make this a destination



Location: Southeast Austin, about 15 miles past the airport

Directions: Take highway 183 south from Austin, past Route 71 East, just past the Berdoll's pecan store and you'll see the entrance right after the Hyatt Hill Country Resort.

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Technical Level: Easy

Length: 17.2 miles of total trail, not all are accessible to bikes

Trails: Flat,mostly jeep trails, primarily torn up by horses. Rocky and loose, similar to Rocky Hill Ranch

Trail Map:  Map


Shade:  Medium

Extras:  Zip lining, horseback riding (bring your own horse) showers, restrooms

Fees:  $5 entry fee

Post Ride Beer:  Trumer Pils. You don't deserve something great after this ride, you only get something light because you have not accomplished much

GPS File:  GPX Format


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