This trail falls into the "yeah, I did it" checkbox trail. If you live near it, then it is a fine trail to ride. I could see myself riding it weekly if I lived in the area. But when you think about all of the other trails that you have to choose from in such close proximity, this is nice, but there are better places. 

Location: Rogers, AR

Directions: Take I-49 south towards Fayetteville and exit towards AR 12 heading to Rogers. Follow Walnut street all the way down to the lake

Google Maps location

Technical Level: Low to medium

Length: About 9 total miles of trails

Trails: Flowy, some steep up and down climbs. Part of the trail loop is on the boardwalk.



Shade:  Plenty of shade on most of the trails.

Extras:  Fishing, a lake

Fees:  No fees, free entrance

Post Ride Beer:  Ozark Brewing pale ale


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