Little Sugar is a massive trail network in Bella Vista, AR. Close to the Back 40, it has many of the same types of trails and features. This is very much an "up and down" trail, if you are not a fan of climbing then don't put this one on your short list. The "downs" don't have the kind of typical downhill runs that you will find in Bentonville, so if you are looking for jumps and tabletops on your way to the bottom, you will not find them here. This is all about distance and endurance.

You could spend the better part of a day at Little Sugar because there are so many different routes to follow.

Location: Bella Vista, AR

Directions: Take AR 71 to Oldham Dr. and head West. When you reach Chelsea Road, turn left. Look for Tweety Bird parking on your right.

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Technical Level: Varies. Some sections are low, most are medium, there really aren't any heavily technical sections, the only technical challenge is the length of the ride.

Length: Roughly 40-50 miles in the whole network.

Trails: The trails are classic Bentonville, similar to what you will find on Back 40. Lots of switchbacks, plenty of rocks to launch off of, some loose rock, some sections are routed across pavement.



Shade:  A good amount of shade in most sections

Extras:  The Huntley Gravity Zone is in the middle of the trail, giving you access to some "downhill" riding from a central hub

Fees:  No fees

Post Ride Beer:  New Provence Philosopher King


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