This started off as a small trail with not much going for it about 15 years ago. Since that time a lot of work has been done by the trail crews to update the trails, add more and continue to expand the features in the park. Because of the proximity to Flat Creek Crossing, you will find the terrain here to be very similar. Because you can camp at both places (and they are literally next door) you'll find that this is a great combo for a weekend of camping and riding - with plenty of time to cool off in the river during the warmer months.

Location: Johnson City, TX

Directions: Take I-290 west of Austin and turn on RM 3232, follow the signs into the park.

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Technical Level: Technical level runs from beginner to advanced. You won't find massive drops but there are plenty of technical rocks and features to keep it interesting.

Length: We did about 16 miles, there are more than 20 miles in the park.

Trails: Pretty smooth, lots of jeep trails and easy inclines. No real ledges to speak of.

Trail Map: Map


Shade: Medium

Extras: Camping and swimming

Fees: $6

Post Ride Beer: Pabst. That's all you deserve after this ride. Drink up Jay!

GPS File: GPX Format


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