When you are commuting on streets, with cars full of texting teenagers, the more visible you make yourself, the more likely you are to make it home in one piece each night.  

The Cygolite Hotshot does exactly that.  It easily clips on to the back of the bike or to my bag (which has a loop for a light) and provides a very bright beacon on the back of the bike.

There are several blinking patterns that you can choose, these help you stand out in traffic more.  The light itself is extremely bright.  When I was looking for a light I did my research mostly around which lights were the brightest and which lights were the most visible from long distances.  This one takes the cake.

One of the cooler features is USB charging.  Initially I was not understanding why everyone was focusing on USB charging, there are plenty of outlets around the garage. But then I realized that half of the time you are riding in to work.  If your light is to start to run out of juice on your way into work, a standard USB cable lets you plug it into your computer at work and recharge the light while you are slaving away for the man.

There are definitely cheaper lights out there and there are definitely more expensive lights out there, but this one is a great balance of features and functionality - and it may be one of those things that actually saves your life.

Manufacturer:  Cygolite

Rating:  9 out of 10

Pros:  Easy to install, seconds to attach and unattach, bright and visible from far distances.  Easy charging, holds a charge for a long time.

Cons:  The switches are not very intuitive, but eventually you get it figured out.

Configuration: Mounted to the back of my Topeak commuter bag

Verdict: How can you say no?

Website: Cygolite hotshot

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