Slaughter Creek is a beginner trail in Austin that is perfect for bringing out people new to the sport, spouses or children who are just getting started. The trails are really easy to ride, well designed and well maintained. The park is available for biking, hiking and horseback riding, so you do have to keep in mind that you are sharing the trails with others. The horses start in one direction and bikers start in the other, so, theoretically, you would not be coming up behind the horses, which can spook them.

The park is located in southwest Austin, out on the way to Driftwood (think Salt Lick). When you drive out, be very careful when you get onto 1826, it is easy to miss your turn.

Location: Southwest Austin

Directions: Take Mopac South to Slaughter Lane. Follow that west to FM1826 where it dead ends, and go left (west) on FM1826. Very quickly you will see a sign for "Water Quality" on your left, pull in there.

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Technical Level: Low

Length: About 5 miles of trails, there is a bypass that is used when the trails are wet.

Trails: Jeep trails, singletrack, no real climbing, few technical features. Perfect for beginners

Trail Map:  Map


Shade:  Average shade, there are definitely more shady areas on the main trail, I am assuming that the bypass would be sunnier.

Extras:  Horses

Fees:  None

Post Ride Beer:  Shiner Blonde - the trail does not merit a heavy beer

Links:  link

GPS File:  GPX Format


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